How to create an AOL mail account


I wouldn’t blame you if you were not on AOL mail today. Classy products are never marketed, they are observed instead, I am not saying every other product is dirt cheap, but AOL is indeed older and wiser. We should respect AOL for its contribution to the internet. AOL is responsible for the email as we know it. We had AOL for DOS in the early 90’s. Very soon AOL accounts were provided with dial-up connections, a step that connected millions of American.

But AOL doesn’t need anyone’s pity, there are millions of people who are still using AOL at their first priority, AOL app for Android has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times, and that’s not a weak number, and AOL had recently won the Webby Award in handheld device section in 2015. Those who’re using AOL do not want to shift, due to the benefits that they are getting.

Instruction to create an AOL mail account

There are two methods for creating an AOL mail account:

  1. Signing-up from AOL website
  2. Signing-up from AOL dial-up connection.

We’ll not discuss the “dial-up-connection” method, as it’s obsolete already, let us see how to create an AOL main account from its website.

  • What to skip and what to click on AOL website homepage – Go to the site, and locate the “Sign in/Join” link, at the right side of the screen, just above the News, Entertainment, Finance section. This will redirect you to ‘Sign in’ page, Locate ‘Get a free username’ below Sign-up button on the right side of the screen, click it.



  • What to do after “Get a free username” – You should see “Let’s create your account” form on this page. Enter your Full name, Pick a username – Please note that you cannot choose a username if it has already been taken, chose a unique name or a suggested name and check a “green tick” at the right side of the username tab. Create a password with at least eight characters now rewrite the password.


  • Fill a form now – Enter your Date of birth, Gender and Zip code. While correct Date of Birth and Gender is one key thing, Zip code is needed for customizing your AOL experience, providing you local news and weather reports. You can change your location later.

  • Be cautious while submitting a security questionSelect a security question from a list of 6, and type your answer. Note it down to somewhere what you’d type because this will be needed if you ever forget your password. You must write down the security answer exactly as you right down now, without spelling mistake. You are advised to frame your answer in a unique way because people in your circle can guess your details correctly.

  • Validate your identity – Enter your mobile number with Country code and write an alternative email address. Provide your own number, it will be needed to validate your identity plus you can reset your password in case you’d face trouble signing in your account. Email does the same thing, but it’s just not too handy. Suspicious activities on your account will be reported to both of these addresses anyway.


  • Get along to AOL services along with AOL mail -Your account will be created after clicking “Sign-up”. If you’ve provided an alternative email, you might be asked to open the confirmation mail and validate your identity. Once your account is created you can use AOL services along with its email functionality you will be needed to enter same username and password for AIM messenger.

  • Must do thing, after creating your AOL mail account – If you’re using a smartphone, please install AOL app. It is available with both iOS and Android platform, it will enhance your experience of AOL services, AOL app has mail feature, AIM messenger feature and entertainment feature, you are always connected with what’s going on with the world and even watch videos in leisure time.

Questions You Might Ask

Q – Can I send and receive mails from other clients, if I use AOL?

A – Yes, you can.

Q – Can I use AOL app offline?

A – Yes, you can access AOL app offline. Any action that you do while offline will be done while you’re online again.

Q – Why Should I choose AOL mail when there are popular alternatives?

A – While popular email clients offer web storage between GB to TB, Only AOL offers you with unlimited storage. If you still find a Terabyte data sufficient, bite this! AOL offers world class Spam and Virus protection at free of cost. Currently, every client is busy with mediocre Spam filter protection. There are several technical reasons to go with AOL too.

Q – What do AOL charge if it provides too much feature?

A – AOL Mail is a free of cost along with other AOL services if you want more than just mail AOL might charge on those services.