Facebook sign up, How to Create a Facebook Account?


Facebook is the ‘King’ of the social media world. With up to 1.86 billion monthly users Facebook is just too big for anyone serious enough about their social media to ignore. The site has one of the biggest traffic bases with about 1.15 billion mobile daily active users. The typical age group of people that make use of Facebook is between 25 and 34 years.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a great place to get noticed, make new friends or even move your products or services, Facebook offers one of the most comprehensive platforms. Unlike Twitter (which caps the number of characters that you can post) or Instagram (that only limits you to photos) Facebook is more liberal and diverse. It allows you to shine your light to hundreds of millions of people and rebuild old and lost links. For all these, you just need to have a Facebook account. Here is how you can create one.

How to Create a Facebook account

Start by going to the Facebook home page which is facebook.com


While here, you will see an option to login and a table on the left where you can sign up. You will fill in all the appropriate details in each of the text boxes and then select your date of birth and select your gender.


If you’re a celebrity, a band or a business, it is best to open up a page instead. It will give you more flexibility with regards to the number of followers that you can have and what you can post. A page is also more ideal for advertising purposes. There is a link just under the ‘Create Account’ tab which can help you create the page.

  • If you decide to use your phone number, Facebook will need to verify it to make sure that you’re the one using the number. A simple automated text with a unique code does the trick. Once this has been verified, the next step is to set up your account.
  • If you use an email address, you will receive a verification request in your email. When you open this, click on the link provided and you will be redirected to your new account ready to start the set up process.

Setting up your Facebook account

Friends are the backbone of success on Facebook. It is only normal that your first step will be to add a couple of people that you might know. You don’t have to do this immediately. You can just click ‘Next’ if you don’t know anyone on the list.

On the next page, Facebook will ask you for more details that will help to make your friend search more personalized, by adding your email address, your contacts will be synced making it possible for you to see people you keep in touch with using your email as suggested friends that you can send out friend requests to.

There is also the option of taking a privacy tour. Considering how easy it has been for online information to be hacked, this is an essential step that you need to take to make sure that you secure your account at all times.

Further down, you will be required to add a profile picture. If you have some that you have taken previously you can upload those or, you can take a new one with your webcam.

upload photo

If you scroll further down, you will see a much more refined list of friends. Some of who you may know. Don’t shy away from sending out a friend request to start building on your new account or page.

Once you’re done setting up, you can click on the ‘Home’ tab at the top of the page. This will take you to your ‘Wall’ where all your recent activity will be posted. Here, you can also send out your first Facebook post to the world and to your new friends.

Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook

Q: How do I add new friends?

A: Adding new friends is relatively simple. First, you have to search for the friend that you would like to add on Facebook using the search bar. Once you find their profile, there will be an ‘Add Friend’ tab to the left of their user name. Click on that and wait for them to approve your friend request.

Alternatively, if you have new friend requests you can simply approve them. There is a dedicated icon that you can use to see any new and previous friend requests that you have on the home bar.

Q: What else does Facebook has to offer?

A: Plenty actually. Other than making friends, you can share your posts, location and places that you’re at using Facebook. You can also share photos and videos and even put up ad campaigns which have to be paid for.