How To Create A Hotmail/Microsoft Outlook Account?


These days, it seems like you need an email address for everything. It’s as necessary to have as a home address or phone number, but it’s a lot safer to share with others, especially when you register for job sites like Monster or Indeed. It also allows you to create accounts on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. And if you use a PC, having a Hotmail account will help make things easier.

What is Hotmail?


Keep in mind that Hotmail is part of Microsoft, so in reality, you’re creating a Microsoft Outlook email. This is highly recommended if you use XBox Live or if you use a Windows PC and want full access to all the Microsoft services, including Microsoft Office. Check out these easy steps to creating a email address for Microsoft Outlook/Hotmail.

Sign up for Hotmail, Outlook, Microsoft account (9 steps)

Step 1: Type “ or” in the address bar of your web browser. This will redirect you to the Microsoft Live website.

If you have an email, a phone number connected to a Microsoft account, or a Skype username, enter the username and password to sign in. If you’ve forgotten the password, Enter your username > Next and click “Forgot my password?” and follow the steps in that email to sign in.


Step 2: If you don’t already have a Microsoft account or a phone number linked to one, or an XBox Live or Skype account, click the link that says “Create One!” It will be next to the “No account?” on the Sign In page. This will redirect you to the Sign Up page.

no-account click create-one

Step 3: Fill out the “Sign Up” page. Enter your first and last name in the boxes marked “First name” and “Last name”. If you don’t feel comfortable using your real name, you can use a fake first and last name, but make sure you remember them. Write your alias down on a sticky note and keep the sticky note in a safe place.


Step 4: Create your username, and password. Type in your username in the box marked “user name” and choose choose “” or “” from the drop-down menu. The password has an 8-character minimum and is case sensitive. You will have to re-enter your password in order to confirm that you are human. If the username you entered is unavailable or you need help in creating a good password, see the tips below.


Step 5: Fill in your contact information. Select your country/region, birthdate, and gender from the respective drop down menus. The birth year options range from 1905 to the current year. Gender options are “Male,” “Female,” and “Not Specified.”


Step 6: Protect your account. Creating a Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail account will require your phone number and an alternate email address in case you forget your password. If you live outside of the United States, choose your extension from the “Country code” drop-down menu. Make sure that your phone can receive emails and text messages. If you don’t have an alternate email address, ask a trusted friend for theirs.


Step 7: Enter the Captcha. You can either enter the characters you see on the screen. Captcha is usually not case sensitive, so keep your Caps Lock key off. If you mess up or can’t read what you see, click “New” or “Audio” for an audio Captcha and type what you hear.


Step 8: There’s a box that will allow Microsoft to send promotional offers to your email inbox. If you don’t want to receive those emails, click the box to clear out the check mark.If you leave the checkmark in, you will receive those emails, but you can unsubscribe to the email list at any time by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email.


Step 9: Click “Create Account.” Clicking this will create your email and assume that you agree to Microsoft’s terms of services and privacy policy. After that, you will be able to sign into your Microsoft account. You may receive a phone verification request using a confirmation code sent via SMS or Voice call.

Tips for Account Creation and Security

Creating a username: If you’re using this account for work or for job sites, use your first and last name. Example: If the email address is taken, use your birthday or an underscore. Example: If that doesn’t work, get creative, but never use your full name as it is written on your Social Security card.

Creating a password: When creating a password, use words, Special characters, capital letters and numbers that are easy to remember. Try the name of your favorite sports team and the jersey number of your favorite player. Example: FinleysAngels31. Write your username and password down on a sticky note and keep it in a safe place. Microsoft doesn’t use security questions, so make sure that you have an alternate email (either your own or a trusted friend’s) or a phone that has internet access.

Other tips: Never use your social security number, your whole birthdate, or street address number for your username, password, or security questions. It will make you vulnerable to identity theft. Safety is your number one priority online.