How to create an Instagram account?


Instagram is a photo sharing social networking. People like to share their moments with the world. They like to follow and get followed by others. That’s what a social network mean, right? Instagram has that entire feature, but it is dedicated to just photo and video sharing, without any nonsense. It’s the most popular tool for photo sharing and almost every celeb is using it.

Obsessed about a celebrity? Why not follow them on Instagram, check their pictures the moment they upload and comment directly to them so they can read.

Have a photo in your gallery? Want to share them with your network? Great! Try editing with Instagram filters like the celebs are doing these days. Don’t want to public your pictures, No worries! Make them private and allow only people of your choice to visit them. Instagram has all the reason for its success, if you are not on Instagram, you wouldn’t understand unless you try it, register your profile today, its free.

How To Sign Up For Instagram account?

1. Registering Instagram through App

Download and install Instagram from App Store – App is available on both iOS and Android platform, install it using provided app storeinstall Instagram

Setting up the profile on Instagram app – Moving to our next step, when you open Instagram app from your app tray, it will show you two options.

1.1. Register with Facebook

Log in with Facebook if you’d like to register through Facebook account If you have a Facebook account already, Just tap to “Register with Facebook”, and Instagram will ask for a permission to sync with Facebook, tap “Ok”.


  • What to fill at ‘Create a profile screen’ – You will be guided to “create a profile”, Enter a username and password that you’d like to have, you can also add your phone number at this step, now continue the registration.
  • If your Facebook contacts are on Instagram already, follow these steps – If your Facebook friends are using Instagram, the next screen will suggest you their profiles, follow them now if you’d like to.
  • If your phonebook contacts are using Instagram – There might be some people who’re not in your Facebook contact list, but are using Instagram, if you sync your contact now with Instagram, probably it will show you some more results.
  • Validate your profile by confirm mail – You’d be asked to confirm your email. It’s the final step. Open your Email that is registered with Facebook account. You’d find a verification mail in your inbox from Instagram, open and click confirm. Congratulations! You’re now registered with Instagram.

1.2. Sign up with Email and Phone number

When you tap on “Sign up” instead of Facebook, Instagram will ask for your email, enter your email id, the next page will ask you to enter your ‘full name’ and ‘password’. Finished with these steps, you would then prefer a “username”; further steps are almost identical with the Facebook method.

register with email

2. Sign up Instagram through Browser

  • Open Instagram website and select your choice of registering – Open your preferred browser and go to Instagram website. You have two options, either signup using Facebook or with Email.

Sign up Instagram through Browser

  • Fill out the forms and follow the instructions – Identical to what we’ve learned in App method or you can fill a form and click sign up at the bottom of sign-up menu, this will create your account.
  • Edit your profile – Click on person icon at top right of the page, this will take you to your account page, now edit your profile, provide additional details like username, bio, interest, website. Click “add profile photo” and upload a photo through your system or import photos from Facebook, if you’ve already linked your account with Facebook.
  • Submit and Validate the profile – When you’re good to go, submit and validate your profile as we learned with Facebook method

Questions you might ask

Q – Is it free?

A – Yes, Instagram is completely free.

Q – What is the minimum age to use Instagram?

A – Its 13, as per Child’s Online Protection Act, However Instagram doesn’t ask user to specify their age, it will delete an underage profile if it is notified with verification.

Q – Can we use Instagram on blackberry and windows phone?

A – No there is no blackberry or windows app at present, but you can use Instagram on their browser.

Q – Can I upload videos too?

A – Yes you can upload videos, not less than 3 second but not longer than 60 second on Instagram app, if you’d like to upload longer videos, you can upload them through CoSchedule App.

Q – What about privacy?

A – However you cannot stop people following you, but you can control who can watch your photos by editing their privacy settings, you can make them private or make them available to prescribed number of people.