How to create a Pinterest account?


How many web links are bookmarked into our browsers? There aren’t many, because neither do we use a same browser forever nor a same computer every day. It would be so cool if there was a proper bookmarking tool.
There is one actually! It’s Pinterest, world’s number one ‘Visual Bookmarking Social Networking.’ Pinterest is made up of ‘Pin+Interest’.  Launched in 2010, the original purpose was to be a picture sharing networking, but since its start, it has added revolutionary features. There are more than 150 Million active Pinterest user in 2017, about 80% of them are female.

Pinterest has a dashboard which is called “Board” and every feed is a “Pin”, just like your school’s bulletin board. The site allows you to bookmark images, videos, recipes, tutorials, articles and virtually everything on its board, it’s an integrated social network hence you can either share them with the world or make them private, you can always organize these things, and keep a track of things that you’ve found on the internet.

Instructions to create a Pinterest account

You can create a Pinterest account by two methods.

  1. pinterest-sign-upSocial networking registration
  2. Conventional email registration

Pinterest Social Networking Registration Method

  • First thing first – Open in your browser, you should see, a login window along with signup using social network options.
  • Signup with social network accounts – Signing up with social network is easier and quicker, if you’d like to register your profile this way, it would hardly take 10 seconds, onto your homepage locate social networking options.
  • Choose your preferred Social Network Account – You should see ‘Log in with Facebook’ or ‘Sign up with Google’. Make sure that you’re already logged-in with your preferred choice of social account on the browser. The moment you click on either Facebook or Google login, your profile will be created instantly with the linked accounts details and you will be re-directed to Pinterest’s first page.
  • What to do first after your profile gets generated – On the first page of your new Pinterest account, you are required to Follow 5 Interests, there will be options like technology, recipes, gadgets etc. Select five categories of your choice, click continue.
  • Must not forget Browser Integration – Pinterest will now, ask for Browser Integration permission, and confirm it. A popup should appear instantly, install the add-on provided with the pop-up menu.popup
  • Verifying your account is your final step – Pinterest will email you a confirmation link to your social network’s affiliated email id, validate your profile by clicking that link. Your profile will fully functional.

Conventional Email Registration Method

Open your browser now – If you do not want to integrate your Facebook or Google Plus with Pinterest, chose registration through email. To create an Individual account, go to  locate ‘Login’ button, you should find it on the top-right or your screen, click it.

  • You will be asked “Need an account?” –  In the next screen, locate ‘Signup’ link at the bottom, next to ‘Need an account?’ question, click it.
  • Provide your email and password now – Enter your email and password at the next step, this email will be required for account verification, so enter an email that is accessible, and now create a password that shouldn’t be shorter than 6 characters, click continue.Conventional Email Registration Method
  • Provide some of yours personal info – Type your Full Name, Age, Gender and click Sign-up. That’s it! Your account is ready.fill info
  • Now let’s verify your identity – verification process is similar with the previous method.
  • Need a Business account? – If you want to create a Business Account, click ‘Continue as Business’ at Name/Age/Gender screen, or you can simply go to this link. Fill up email and password, your business name, and select business type from 9 category. You can put your website name, though is it optional, and click ‘create account’. Verification and integration process are similar.

Questions you might ask

Q – Is Pinterest just for women?
A – Though there are 80% women accounts, Pinterest is just not for women’s club. It’s for everyone who would like to systematically organize their Internet experience.

Q – I see Pinterest is also for businesses, how much would they charge for it?
A – $0.00, Pinterest provides this amazing feature for free, advertise your product or services at Zero cost to millions of its active user.

Q – I am worried about privacy, can I make a Pin private?
A – You can always make a pin or board private, so only you can visit your bookmark feeds.

Q – What is Browser Integration for Pinterest?
A – It’s a browser extension that provides facility to pin anything with one click, it’s a time saver. Just hover your mouse cursor over a link, wait for a second. It will automatically suggest to Pin It, without opening Pinterest website.

Q – Can I use Pinterest with my mobile?
A – Yes of course! Pinterest App is currently available with iOS, Android and Amazon platform.