Reddit sign up, How to Create a Reddit Account?


Reddit is a gateway to everything interesting going-on in the world. If Facebook is your home town, consider Reddit as a planet, it’s vast and endless. Front page covers society’s “trending topic”, which can be anything! People contribute to Reddit and people moderate Reddit. There are countless communities called “Subreddits.” Your city has a Subreddit, your University has a Subreddit, there’s a Subreddit for everything. Got a unique subject? “Create a SubReddit” and frame your rules!  There’s everything for everyone on Reddit. It’s like a newspaper, but a million times interesting. You can’t understand how great Reddit is, unless you get immersed into it. So, let’s create a Reddit account.

Follow the instructions and images to sign up Reddit

Go to Reddit Website
Go to As you land to the homepage, you will notice several links that take you to various subreddits and trending topics.
Login or sign up
You should see “want to join? Log-in or sign up in seconds” on the top right of the page, click on that link.

Username and Password Re-enter password email
Fill in a username and check its availability. Once you find an available username, enter a password you’d like for your Reddit account. Now enter your email, though this is optional. A confirmation link will be sent to your email to validate your identity in the Reddit community.

Create account
Finally click on “Sign up” button, that’s it!
Confirm your Reddit
If everything goes right, you will be redirected to Reddit homepage. There should be an unread message icon and your username on top right of your screen now. Click on that and check that you are registered with Reddit.
There will be a ‘preferences’ link on the right off your username, click on that, and set up your preferences for the site. Don’t worry if you are not advanced into stuff, continue with Reddit’s default setting.

How to Post on Reddit?

As you are registered, now you can do more than just click on those interesting links. You can comment, up vote, down vote, submit a post, and even create a subreddit category. But, make sure to follow Reddit’s etiquettes called “reddiquettes,” before doing any action. First of all, let’s talk about how to create your first post.



Check if it Posted

Reddit is already crowded with millions of articles and discussions. Start by checking if a topic has been posted already by searching its name or keywords on Reddit search. If it’s not there or you have addition to it, you are good to go.
Submit a Link, Submit a New Text Post
You have two options for submitting a post on Reddit:
•    You can submit a link, or
•    You can submit a text post

Submit a link”, if you want to post a video/photo/GIF or an article. Reddit does not let you upload media on its own storage, rather it requires media in web form. It’s good in a sense because if your posts are getting a million hits in a day, sites like Imgur or YouTube can handle the traffic pretty well.
“Submit a text post”, if you’d like to raise a discussion or have a question to ask. There are subreddits like /r/explainlikeimfive, where you can ask question to a community like you are a 5 year old kid, and they will answer your queries.
“Link” and “Text” options are not similar. Link can fluctuate your “Karma,” while Text post does not affect your Karma ratings. What’s Karma? We’ll discuss this shortly.

Additional Information & Subreddit

You are required to fill out necessary information with every link or text post. You can only post in subreddits and they have framework, like /r/explainlikeimfive needs every post to start with ELI5 to catch a spam post instantly. So, read the submission rules for desired subreddits before every submission.
Once everything is set, click on Submit. Reddit might ask you to enter a Captcha to identify if it’s a human action. After you submit a post, read the instructions again as most subreddits require you to flair your post after each submission. “Flairing” is another reddiquette. For example, if you are posting under subreddit ‘United States’. Flair your post for its category, a business article into entertainment section is unethical, and moderators will delete it immediately. Also keep in mind that Reddit will not allow you to post instantly into the same subreddits or others. Be thoughtful before submitting a post.

Unlike monetized platforms like, YouTube and Blog. You will never earn from Reddit. Then why do people spend so much time here? This is because being a Reddit member is like being a citizen of the world. It brings people together. It’s not always about the entertainment, but people share problems too. There are various charity that are now running through the Reddit help program.