How to sign up for a Twitter account?


Since launching in 2006, Twitter has come a long way. Currently, there are over 500 million tweets that are sent out every day (about 6,000 every second); over 1.3 billion accounts and over 83% of the world leaders have a Twitter account.

There is no question that Twitter is the place to be whether you’re a person, a business or a brand. You have access to millions of people that are looking for information and the best part is, you might not have to shell out thousands of dollars in advertisement for using the platform. The biggest question then remains, how do you get to enjoy a piece of the opportunity that Twitter has to offer? Simple! By creating your own Twitter account. Wondering how? You’re at the right place to find the answers you need.


How to Create a Twitter Account?

Owning a twitter account is simple and free! With just a handful of steps, you could have access to millions of people and thousands of celebrities and powerful people and, you can interact with them from the comfort of your home or on-the-go.

What do you need?

First, you will need an email address. Ideally, if you already have an email address and don’t mind the influx of emails from notifications on your new account then you can use your existing email. But, if you would like to have a separate email account for this, you can go ahead and open up one. Here, you’re spoilt for choice. There are plenty of email services among them being Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail among others. You will also need an internet enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

Opening the Twitter account

  • Go to the official site

To start the process of owning a twitter account, you need to head on to Twitter’s official page at It should not prove to be a headache. Alternatively, you could search it on Google then look for the homepage.

  • Sign up page

Once you find your way to the Twitter home page, find the “Sign Up for Twitter” form. Typically; this will be on upper left side of your screen. Proceed to click on that and it will redirect to another page where you will be required to fill a web form with your basic details. These include your full names, a phone number or email address and the password that you would like to use with your account.



Because Twitter accounts are quite the bait for hackers, you need to password that is both complex for someone to guess and at the same time easy for you to remember.

Choose your username

Because Twitter does not expose your real names, on the next page, you will need to choose your username. This is the name that all your followers will be able to see and tag you by. To make it simpler, Twitter already has some suggestions for you but you can always choose one that you prefer. Also, the username is changeable so you shouldn’t worry too much about getting the right name at the moment.


Phone Number


Once you hit the ‘Signup’ tab, you will be redirected to a page where you add your phone number in case you used your email on the sign up form. This is just a security measure and one that could be handy in helping you recover your account in case it is compromised. You shouldn’t click Skip button. Because bypassing the phone number verification, your account may be locked.


Pick your Username

One of the coolest features about Twitter is the personalization. By selecting fields that you’re interested in, they will pick up stories that are of interest to you and post those on your ‘Timeline.’ On the next step, you can choose whether to import your contacts which make it easier for you to find friends and for them to find and follow you.

Start Following

Once that is done, you can finally start building your Follow List. Twitter will suggest a couple of celebrities based on your geological location and preferences. This is a great place for you to start. Again, you can always choose who you want to follow by searching for their Twitter handle (username preceded by ‘@’).


Just like that, you have a Twitter account that is fully set up and you can send out your first Tweet to your anxious new followers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Twitter

What do I need to use Twitter?

Twitter is very simple to use and is available on an internet enabled smart phone, Tablet or a computer. You will not need any third-party software or apps unless you want to use one.

How do I know who is Following me?

Each time you get a new follower, twitter will send you an email notification using the email you used to sign up. You can also use the ‘Followers’ link on your profile identify those that are following you. You can use the same link to see who you’re following.

Are there any limits to the people I can Follow?

To safeguard the platform from being abused, there are follow and update limits for stability.