How to create a Yahoo mail account?


If you’re still a teenager, you would never figure out the excitement of the internet era, we’re discussing about when Internet was still young and everyone wanted to create their own web storage, but there were handful of option available back in those days, and interfaces were not friendly. Yahoo! entered the market in the late 90’s with every remedy.

If you’d ask people to name their first email Id, they would all name a yahoo email account, yahoo actually taught people how to internet. It gave us neat and clean email interface and easy registration. Yahoo also contributed a revolutionary idea to the world, with Yahoo ! Messenger, an IM that was more a social network than a messenger, the original online dating idea.

yahoo mail

If you think Yahoo mail is dead, you are mistaking. This article will supply you benefits of having a Yahoo mail id provided with How to create an Id instantly.

Benefits of Yahoo Mail

  • Interface – Yahoo mail provides simple classis type interface with all necessary functions on left, action buttons on the top, and mails in the middle of the screen. It would not confuse you with primary, secondary or social mails and stuff.
  • Storage – Yahoo is a clear winner if you look at its mail storage, though Gmail also provides 15GB storage that sounds enough, but it’s shared with your drive, doc and other google products, Google also charge you per month rental for additional storage. 1TB storage of yahoo is virtually unlimited
  • Organization – The interface has that classic type organizing, has folders and not stars. Create unlimited folders and organize the data in one click.
  • Yahoo Messenger – Though chatroom feature is not available with Yahoo messenger now, but this IM is still most friendly and known to a larger population.
  • Yahoo Services – There are numbers of Yahoo services like Flikr, Tumblr, Yahoo! Answers etc. that gives you a direct access with a yahoo mail Id.
  • Mobile App – I assume you have a smartphone, Install yahoo mail app and you would never be too late answering your emails.
  • Spam free – Yahoo mail is designed with a live spam filter, that wouldn’t let your inbox gets filled with unnecessary stuff

There are some technical features as well, but you wouldn’t be interested reading them. Our aim was just to prove that Yahoo Mail still holds a place, and we proved.

Create a Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo Mail account can be created using two methods, by “Yahoo Mail App” or with “Yahoo Website”, we will explain you both the steps.

1. Create an Account using Yahoo Websiteyahoo mail sign in

It’s the conventional way of creating Yahoo account since always. Open yahoo website, click “Sign-in” on the top right corner of the screen, Now click “Sign-up” button, it should be next to “Don’t have an account?” question, on the bottom right of the screen.

sign up button

All other steps are similar with the App method, you will be asked for all same fields, type all the information which are required and click “Continue”, it’s should be a blue button on the bottom of the screen.

yahoo mail sign up form

Validating process is also similar, just provide your mobile number and follow the instructions, when you receive your 5 digit code, type it on the website’s “Verify field”, which is just below the heading “Enter the account key, we sent to your 10 digit mobile number

Verify by clicking the blue button in the middle of the screen. Yahoo mail account is created.

2. Create an Account using Mobile App

Yahoo mail is available with both Android and iOS platform, to signup using your mobile app, first you need to install Yahoo Mail from your app store, search yahoo mail and you should see Yahoo Mail at the top of the screen, tap it to open and install.

yahoo mail app

Once the app is downloaded and install you need to open it, slide till the bottom of the page and tap “Create a Yahoo account”.

yahoo-mail-sign up on app guide

Enter your account details in the next part, you will be asked for your full name, preferred yahoo email name, a password, date of birth, a mobile number and your gender, keep in mind that you cannot chose your email name if it is already taken, make it unique.

In the next page you will receive validating options, you can either request an SMS for validation or you can also chose “call me with the account key”, you’d receive a 5 digit code if you chose SMS verification. Calling for account key is faster mode, but you must write down the account key as computer generated call speaks up.

Finally type that 5 digit code into “Verify Field” and your account is created. You can now access your dashboard and change general settings of it, make sure to provide an alternative email for account recovery.